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 providing prompt and exceptional customer service 


We ensure every item is handled with the utmost care and look forward to helping you maximize your selling capabilities.  Every customer has different needs.  We offer a wide variety of services to our customers



-Damaged Inventory Assistance
-Label Removal




Cost Per Unit

$1.25 per unit for 1-1250 items (EXCEPT BOOKS/SHOES)

$2.50 item longer than 23 inches




+10,000 please call for details

* See below

Fragile Items: Glass, Ceramic, ETC.

$1.75 for small box-shoe box

$1.00 for bubble wrap

$1.00 for Bubble Mailers 14x12 and smaller

$0.50 for bubble bags/per bag

Poly Bags

$.25 for a small bag up to 4x6

$.50 for 6x9 up to 8x14

$1.00 8x14 up to 16x16

$2.00 anything larger than 16x16

Poly Shipping Bags

$1.00 per bag from medium to small 6x9

$1.50 for large 8x14


$0.10 for rubber bands to close shoe boxes

$15.00 for pallets

Adult items, hazmat, storage, bulk, and others will always be considered. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your needs.

Storage fees are $0.65 per sq/ft per 2 week period. Enforced after items are dormant more than 2 weeks.


$1.00 per item

This includes: receiving, inspection, pictures, recommendations, and support.

Shipping Boxes

$2.50 for replacement shoe box

$2.75 for medium (18x18x16)

$3.25 for large (18x18x24)

$3.75 for XL (24x18x24)

These prices reflect a new unused box. No charge for recycled or usage of the same box the product arrived in.

Used Books

$2.75 per book

If it has extra contents that need bagged we will have to charge for a $1 poly bag

$2.50 for shoes

* Cost per unit includes: Receiving, inspection, label removal, and FNSKU, fragile, suffocation warning, single unit, DO NOT OPEN labeling.

** All items are received as individual items unless they arrived pre bundled. No exceptions!

*** Invoices are due within 5 days of receipt, late fees of 5% per day incur after that; after 30 days the late fees increase to 15% per day until paid in full.

**** Fees subject to change without notice.

***** All items left at the prep center longer than 30 days, unless agreed upon ahead of time, will be disposed of.

****** Please do not expect free labor/supplies, we are all trying to run honest businesses.

Our mission is to gain a long lasting working relationship.  There is a growing demand for prep and ship fulfillment services.  We will constantly strive to provide the most professional customer service experience tailored exactly to your needs.  

Contact Us


900 Albert Drive #59

Miles City, MT 59301


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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